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Mapco’s focus is on innovation in the market. We are currently undertaking ground-breaking research into dehydrating vegetables, pelagic fish and salmon.  Mapco specialise in finding and extracting nutritional value in the food chain using innovative methods.


Dried Cod and Haddock fish heads; dehydrated vegetables, carrots, parsnips and potatoes; dehydrated chicken; dehydrated cheese.

High-quality supply chain

Today Mapco supply large quantities of dried cod and haddock fish heads for the African market. Our containers are shipped to Africa direct from Peterhead harbour. Fresh fish are filleted locally, supplied to us, dehydrated to the highest quality and exported.
If you have any queries about our product range or have any special requests please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Mapco supply to Africa, Asia and Europe


The demand for quality dehydrated fish heads in Africa is greater than the supply available. With over a billion people living on the continent, 400 million or more estimated to work informally with no secure employment, strong GDP growth across most of the 54 constituent countries, and a rapidly growing young population, Africa looks sure to remain an important market for some time.
Fish heads are both a local delicacy and a way to survive in Africa. Many people survive on less than a dollar or two a day. By using fish heads full of protein as a starting point for stews and soups, people can supplement their diet. Supplying good quality fish-heads is a practical way to support people and is a fundamental starting point for Mapco’s philanthropic approach.


Fish is a big part of the diet in Asia. In South Korea dried salmon heads are a well-known delicacy and Mapco are currently undertaking research on salmon and pelagic fish. Oily fish represent a challenge because the liquid oil is difficult to extract successfully. Our intention is to export Salmon for the Korean market in the near future.

Mapco are also interested in further opportunities in Japan and China.


Fish Nutrition

Fish provides a good source of high quality protein for humans and contains many vitamins and minerals which keep the body running smoothly.

Fish Nutrition

Fish Head Recipes

Here are some examples of how fish is cooked from around the world.

Fish Head Recipes
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